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Organic Farming

Farming has come into it's own and organic farming is no longer just a commercial venture. Learn More >>>

Green Energy

Alternative energy such as wind, solar, hydro-electric could replace the petroleum based energy system we have now. Learn More >>>

Green Technology

Sustainable technology that is infinitely expandable into the future. Learn More >>>

Green Business

Providing clients with business solutions that are eco-friendly and use best business practices is something we take pride in doing. Learn More >>>

Green Building

Green Communities that use alternative energy and renewable building products are becoming more prevalent. We are deeply involved in this aspxect of the green initiative. Learn More>>>


Programming that makes your business more efficient and keeps you up to date with the latest technologies. Learn More >>>

Smart Homes

These homes go beyond the greates and latest technology. They are energy efficient, have built in recycling capabilites and much more. Learn More >>>

Database Design

Giving you a database that will run efficiently nd give you the opportunity to grow you business along green lines is a great thing. We can help. Learn More >>>


Connect with the world and do it efficiently and safely. Learn More >>>


The debate rages on. To do it or not do it. Is it worth it or too expensive? Learn More >>>


We need to stop fooling ourselves and start paying attention to helping our planet not only survive but replenish itself. Learn More >>>

Harnessing Nature

Global Warming Dictates Change .We are heating up folks and unless we begin to use the natural resources we have at our disposal, it will burn out. Wind and Solar Power are a great starting point and the technology is rapidly improving. Learn More >>>

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system design, sustainable design systems

Cutting Edge

System Design

System design is at the core of creating sustainable business operations and we have the cutting edge technology to give you that system. Learn More >>>

bio fuels, food for energy


Food For Energy

At TERRAWATS we understand the need for new and sustainable energy sources, but we also understand what we feel is a greater need, and that is to feed the world's people.

We feel that until that is done there is no leeway for utilizing a food source to power someones car or truck. Learn More >>>