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Healthier Food
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Growing fruits and vegetables in an organic environment is costly but produces a better, more consistent product. With new technologies and better use of resources it is quickly becoming a more viable and sustainable way to farm.

TERRAWATS and it's affiliates are here to help you with your organic farming project.

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Viable And Affordable

The consistent quality and nutritional value and the consistency in size and weight provide a better, longer lasting product. With new technology and a higher concentration by the industry, indoor farming can now compete with other methods and produce a higher quality product.

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

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Leave A Liveable Planet For Our Children

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Green Agriculture

The Main Component

Sounds somewhat repetitive doesn't it?

Actually it is the new trend towards being truly organic in your farming methods.

Ask yourself what organic really is before you read more and then take our survey or surveys and find out how wrong you might be. Take The Surveys

Food Purity

Is your food healthy

Are you concerned about the purity of the food you eat? Are you sure that the oeganic food counter at your store is actually organic?

If you could produce totally organic food at home for less money and with a higher quality and nutritional value. would you do it? Now you can!!

If you would like to cast your vote on whether we should be using food for energy then follow this link TAKE OUR SURVEY.

If you would like to get involved in the green initiative then please use our online form and we will contact you with programs and organizations that need your help.

Farming Moves Indoors

Vertical Farming

Find a way to take the weather completely out of farming in a greenhouse and use computers to control the temperature, light, water and nutrients, thus taking extreme weather out of the agricultural equation, even take the variables out of mother nature and you have: Controlled Environment Farming.

With the advent of new and improved lighting, hydroponic, Aeroponics, and various soil less culture technologies, farming is becoming more competitive with conventional methods.

The use of green energy to supply your lighting and pumps makes the cost competitive and in some cases more efficient than traditional farming methods.

TERRAWATS can help you meet your green goals by giving you the resources and knowledge to sustain and grow.

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"Just thinking about being environmentally friendly is a great feeling. Getting involved in making my neighborhood cleaner and eco-friendly has been an uplifting experience "

Joe / Georgia


" Becoming a part of the green initiative and providing sustainable resources to my community has been beneficial for all. "



" Working with TERRAWATS has been an enlightening experience. They are very knowledgable and work with you from start to finish"

Jan/ Oklahoma


Installation Services


Design and Install

Technology is at the forefront of every industry out there and the green environment field is no different. TERRAWATS and it's affiliates have an extensive background in the technology field and can assist you in installation and development of your databases, computer systems, software and network. Our staff is highly trained in these development areas and can assist you with all your needs. We also offer installation and design services in the organic gardening and organic horticulture fields.



Stay Connected

TERRAWATS through it's subsidiary TJD Web Solutions provides a suite of technology consulting services to address the full range of our customers' and partners' networking needs. TJD Web Solutions consultants combine deep industry and distributed computer networking technology with our experience to design and integrate server solutions quickly and effectively.

Green Investment


Invest In Green

To Be Direct, companies that go above and beyond on the environment, outperform financially. Empirical research demonstrates this. By investing in companies with core responsibility to the environment, you can produce superior financial returns and support companies that enhance the planet. Learn More >>>

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