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Applying technology to the organic environment. Hydroponics, Natural Soils, Organic Nutrients, Eco-Friendly Lighting

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On the farm, in the home, in the city. It is all about efficiency and making use of all your resources to their fullest.

All aspxects of the farm lend themselves to the organic process. All aspxects of the farm lead to self sustainment.

TERRAWATS and it's affiliates are here to help you achieve true green and can achieve this without compromising your business validity or impact

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organic gardening, organice nutrients, hydroponics, natural soils

Multidisciplinary Approach

High quality support and results for your project. We take care of our clients. We are your green technology consulting company.

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Organic Technology

Technology On The Farm

Technology on the farm takes on the aspxect of using resources more effectively. Utilizing all the components of a full fledged farm you have all the tools you need. Fertilizer from the livestock, energy from the same. Organically grown foods that are higher in nutrition and closer to a true organic nature are all brought to fruition with green technology.

High Tech Farming

Designing A High Tech Farm

Organic farming has gone beyond Hydroponics to using the land as an organic base. Is this really organic? We don't think so. It takes time to create a truly organic soil and simply feeding your livestock grass has little if anything to do with the actual organic process. It can be done and we have the technology and knowledge base to give you higher growth rates both indoors and outdoors.


Customize the System and the Concept

Hydroponic systems, natural fertilizers and clean energy can all be achieved with the use of organic technology.

Our green technology staff is dedicated to meeting your needs and sustaining your business long into the future.

Our team of engineers and developers range from technology experts to horticulturists and environmental experts.

Reducing your carbon footprint and increasing efficiency and quality can all be done with the use green technology and green business practices.

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"Just thinking about being environmentally friendly is a great feeling. Getting involved in making my neighborhood cleaner and eco-friendly has been an uplifting experience "

Joe / Georgia


" Becoming a part of the green initiative and providing sustainable resources to my community has been beneficial for all. "



" Working with TERRAWATS has been an enlightening experience. They are very knowledgable and work with you from start to finish"

Jan/ Oklahoma


Installation Services


Design and Install

Technology is at the forefront of every industry out there and the green environment field is no different. TERRAWATS and it's affiliates have an extensive background in the technology field and can assist you in installation and development of your databases, computer systems, software and network. Our staff is highly trained in these development areas and can assist you with all your needs. We also offer installation and design services in the organic gardening and organic horticulture fields.



Stay Connected

TERRAWATS through it's subsidiary TJD Web Solutions provides a suite of technology consulting services to address the full range of our customers' and partners' networking needs. TJD Web Solutions consultants combine deep industry and distributed computer networking technology with our experience to design and integrate server solutions quickly and effectively.

Green Investment


Invest In Green

To Be Direct, companies that go above and beyond on the environment, outperform financially. Empirical research demonstrates this. By investing in companies with core responsibility to the environment, you can produce superior financial returns and support companies that enhance the planet. Learn More >>>

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