We Are Technology Driven
To Promote A Green Planet

Keeping The World Green
Is A Good Investment

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Welcome to TERRAWATS

We Create The Technology
That Drives Sustainable Resources.

Software And Programming

Cutting edge sofware development that is sustainable and provides infinite expandability for your company. Learn More>>>

Green Technology

Technology that is designed to allow your company to leave a smaller carbon footprint and make your business lean and green. Learn More>>>

Green Communities

Taking advantage of the newer alternative energy and sustainable building products incuding smart home technolgy we are building sustainable green comunities. Learn More>>>

Organic Farming

We are developing better ways of growing produce and meat products that arer more nutritious and pure. We also are developing a wider range of hydroponic products. Learn More>>>

Green Energy

Alternative energy forms such as wind,solar and hybrid systems are on the rise across the country and the world. We are developing more efficient turbines and solar panels to urge this industry forward. Learn More>>>

Full Range Technology

We give you the full range of technology development and give you long term support even after the project is completed. This support is ongoing so you are not left short. Learn More>>>

Earth Wind And The Sun

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Our Planet

Our philosophy is simple If you pay attention to mother earth and take care of her, you will always be ahead of the game. Short and sweet. We promote a green work and home environment and are looking to partner with like minded souls. If this is you,then let's talk. Contact us today.

It is our goal to protect our natural resources and sustain our planet by reducing our carbon footprint through better energy use and better use of technology for the purpose of making business and home life more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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Technology Driven

"From smart homes to green communities we are green technology driven"

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" Sustainability and Green technology go hand in hand. Help us develop a nationwide energy grid."

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"Is your business green? Do you know how to make it green?"

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green building

Green Building

Creating Green Communities

We are using sustaianable building products and alternative energy to build green communities




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Our Mission

Setting Standards

It is our mission to set the standard for green technology, energy, organics and green business. In order to do this we have to get the PRIVATE SECTOR not the government to clearly define what those terms mean.

Our mission is to do exactly that.

Our vision is to take those definitions and provide clear cut results